General Assembly

  • General Assembly & Grand Opening

    Time : November 9 (Fri), 09:00-10:00

    Place : Seoul Dragon City Hotelplex 3F, Room3 (Grand Ballroom A)


    Grand Opening

    • Remark for the Grand Opening of the KoreAnesthesia 2018
    • Introduction of President-elect & Chairman-elect
    • Welcoming all invited Presidents & VIPs

    Congratulatory Remark for KSA-ASA Alliance

    James Grant (ASA president) & Il-Ok Lee (KSA President)


    Keynote Lecture

    “Patient Safety”, its meaning to the ASA

    Fred Shapiro (Chair of ASA Committee on Patient Safety)

    What the ASA-KSA alliance means?

    Audrée Bendo (Chair of the ASA Committee on International Collaboration)